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Arxiaot---It used to be a beautiful grassland lake with a water area of 8000MU (533ha).

The dry lake bed of Arxiaot in 2007, the area is 15000MU (1000ha) 

In April, volunteers were investigating and sampling at the dry lake bed which is in sand storm

The action of recovering the plant at the project position, which is organized by the joint project organization.

In May, volunteers from ecological-traveling were participating in the action






Warm-hearted backers were investigating the projection position

In June, the sand storm spread from the dried lake bed to grassland around

The seedling (emergence) rate of the grass we planted in the dried lake bed is quite low, because of aridity  

Missionary from joint projection is investigating the situation of grass seedling emergence

We made reed barrier to prevent the sad, at Arxiaot Lake and Wulanmangha Sad-land

Beginning of August, Nailin River dried up

Scientists are making the sample of degenerated steppe

Scientists from China and Mongolia are investigation together

Missionary is discussing with herdsmen Missionary is sampling in the dried lake bed

In the middle of August, there was a very heavy raining, but the water still canít flow into the lake bed from the south of the road along the river course

The carrier stopped the sand storm, there is still an 80% area of dried lake bed un-tamed

There is some water deposited in the dried lake bed, but the sand storm is still spreading around

Domestic herdsmen established a touring site, to accept travelers, and spread nomad culture

More and more volunteers are acting, to protect the steppe grassland