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Chen Jiqun:

The difference between
nomadic culture and farming culture in terms of natural ecological protection.
 !  August 24, 2020


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Chen Jiqun is an artist and have  ''  &  ''  &  ''  websites.

''  is a NGO( Echoing Steppe ), mainly the protection of existing natural grassland in Inner Mongolia(China) and traditional nomadic culture.

We have Internet websites. We plan and implement ecological and social study, training and education herdsmen to protect their land, interests and traditional culture. 

And then use Internet sites published information for the community and more people's understanding and support. 

We wish that through the laws popularization in Mongolian language and establishment of internet information stations, herders can know the collective land ownership endowed by laws, know the approachs to apply for the certificates, so they can protect their own homesteads, the nomadic culture and the right to choose their own life style through the laws,and then the contrived invasions and occupations of the grasslands are expected to be stayed, poverty and ecosystem worsen as a result of grassland degradation can be avoided.

During 2001-2012we published Mongolian language laws books for 26 volumes, 80,000 books totally, and we organized volunteers to gift the herders of  Ujimqin and Hulunbeir grasslands (East Ujumqin Banner is the only remaining complete natural Steppe pastoral the north of China).

If you have a website on a related topic, maybe we could exchange links too!

Please send information on conferences, workshops, publications to

Chen Jiqun
   'Echoing Steppe'  Web Master

  call: 86-136 5113 8503





 Nomadic crusader


Painter devotes artistry to protecting environment in Inner Mongolia


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Author of "Wolf Totem" Awarded Bichgiin Mergen(Eminente Writer) Prize by Mongolia


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  Liu Zhuozhi, vice chairman of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region government, was under investigation over alleged severe violation of discipline  December 16 2010  


Lama helps herdsmen with earthly knowledge  June 14 2010


The essential concepts and data analysis of Inner Mongolia's Steppe
         ( Proceedings Volume II Theme C2... P 949)



2005-- 2007 REPORT             2008 IGC/IRC MEETING



Who moved my Topsoil and grass?  2005




SomeResults of the Studies on Development Aspects of the Nomadic Civilizations
in the regions of Central Asia
   --B. Enkhtuvshin (the Lecture on Beijin University 2005)




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